Susan pink jacketSpeaking/Presenting Coaching Goals

> Take your speaking skills to “the next level”

> Increase self-confidence in all types of speaking situations (e.g. formal, informal, large & small groups, VIP presentations)

> Give you a solid foundation to continue improving your skills forever!

Bull’s Eye™ Benefits

Using my Bull’s Eye™ model, I will help you to be:

> confident
> concise
> clear
> engaging
> on track

You will learn how to:

  • choose content that leaves audiences wanting more
  • create presentations and speeches in less time
  • deliver with impact

What We Will Cover Together

The content of my coaching sessions is flexible. That means our work will center on your needs. We may cover the following areas in greater or lesser depth based on your goals, existing strengths and where you want most to improve:

  • Star qualities: the characteristics of great speakers
  • Key elements of powerful speeches and presentations
  • Overcoming fear & controlling nervousness
  • 5-star habits of highly effective speakers
  • Organising content
  • Delivering effectively (body language, voice, eye contact, etc.)
  • Dealing with the media
  • Answering tough questions

The Process

The process normally involves some or all of the following (again it depends on you):

  • Assessing existing skills through observation, discussion and videotape
  • Theory, counsel, support from my side
  • Various tasks, exercises & reading
  • Positive self talk & visualisation
  • Preparing for speeches / presentations / interviews
  • Practice, practice, practice

The mix of exactly what we do, when, why and how depends on multiple factors.  I am flexible; the process and focus will evolve naturally to meet your needs.

When & Where

I do one-on-one coaching sessions with clients around the world via Skype.

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