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5 Quick Tips for Great Speeches

Making great presentations isn’t rocket science. Not much has changed since the great Greek philosophers and Roman orators made speechifying an art form. The secrets to success aren’t really secrets at all. Use the Bull’s Eye model as your guide and you will succeed:


#1 Tip to Get Over Fear of Public Speaking

#1 Tip: Feel the fear… and do it anyway! I know first hand what it’s like to be afraid of speaking in public. As a child I was painfully shy – to the extent that I hid in the library at school to each my lunch because it was simply too intimidating for me to […]


5 More Tips to Beat Fear of Speaking

1) Think of it as a conversation For some reason, just hearing the words speech and presentation seems to create fear and anxiety in most of us. But almost everybody can carry on a conversation. So think of your ‘talk’ as just that, a conversation with more than person. If you were talking to your […]


5 Tips to Beat Fear of Public Speaking

We succeed when we behave in line with the rewards we want, rather than the things we fear – even though facing our fears can often be, well, frightening! Everyone, no matter how fearful we may be of public speaking to begin with, can defeat that fear and reap the rewards of being a good […]


13 Speaking Lessons From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a passionate and gifted presenter as well as a highly successful businessman. He was particularly good at product launches (examples here and here) from which I have extracted the baker’s dozen of lessons below. He didn’t reinvent the wheel every time he did a product launch. Rather, he used a proven formula […]


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