Bull’s Eye!

This  simple, proven, and memorable model is guaranteed to help you get your message across effectively, on target, every time.

I developed it based on 20+ years’ experience as a communicator, trainer and coach – I use it myself, and I know it works. In fact the only time I fail with a speech or presentation is when I fail to use it!

Everyone who comes to one of my Bull’s Eye Business Presentations workshops get a wallet-sized card that looks like this:


It takes 12 hours of workshop time to fully explain and demonstrate how the model works. But let me quickly run through the basics with you….

Three Core Elements

Any time somebody asks you to make a presentation, there are three core elements to consider

  1. Audience
  2. Content
  3. Delivery

One of the keys to making powerful presentations and speeches is to approach the elements in the right order. Audience first, content second and delivery last. The reason many presenters/speakers fail is because the start with the content or delivery first.

Five Five-Star Habits

Associated with the three core elements are five separate five-star habits that powerful speakers use to get their message across effectively and make it memorable for their listeners.  Two of the habits pertain directly to the  audience, two are related more specifically to the content and a cluster of five others are related to the  delivery element.

The five-star habits are:

  1. Think like a fish
  2. Hunt like a lion
  3. Make a sandwich
  4. Get fit
  5. Be a 5-star “all star”

Learn more about the five-star habits here.

Do you want to learn more about how to put the Bull’s Eye model into practice and be an outstanding presenter and speaker?  Contact me for more information.

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