#1 Tip to Get Over Fear of Public Speaking

wolf within#1 Tip: Feel the fear… and do it anyway!

I know first hand what it’s like to be afraid of speaking in public. As a child I was painfully shy – to the extent that I hid in the library at school to each my lunch because it was simply too intimidating for me to walk into a cafeteria crowded with hundreds of my fellow students.

That shyness remained until I was well into early twenties. I only began making presentations and speeches in my mid-thirties, when I took the decision to face my fears head on rather than back away from them – just like the young woman in this video! The rest, as they say, is history…

I’ve discovered through years of training and coaching people in presentation skills and public speaking that there’s no way around fear. The best way around it is through it.

To overcome fear, you really must go through it – just like in this cool video  (I had to repeat it because it’s really very cool and short and you will TOTALLY get the message!). It’s helpful to remember that it’s OK to feel afraid.

Keep in mind that while fear is uncomfortable, it’s not the worst feeling in the world. Remember too, that fear can be managed: you can handle it (you have before and you will again!).

Finally, the good news is that the more times you go through it, the more confident you become!

Susan Macaulay created and curates SheQuotesMy Alzheimer’s Story,  Amazing Women, and Succeed With Susan. She is a feminist, global citizen, lifelong learner and the author of Everyday Feminine Wisdom and soon-to-be-published “the dogs’ breakfast.”

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