13 Speaking Lessons From Steve Jobs

Steve_ JobsSteve Jobs was a passionate and gifted presenter as well as a highly successful businessman.

He was particularly good at product launches (examples here and here) from which I have extracted the baker’s dozen of lessons below.

He didn’t reinvent the wheel every time he did a product launch. Rather, he used a proven formula that worked for his style, the content and the audience which invariably ended up eating out of his hand.

And isn’t that what we all want?

  1. Love your product / message / idea
  2. Be free on stage (avoid lecterns/podiums)
  3. Be dramatic & entertaining
  4. Use clear, bold, images
  5. Make visuals easy to “get” & impactful
  6. Have a simple message
  7. Repeat your message several times
  8. Repeat your message several times
  9. Repeat your message several times
  10. Compare complex stuff to simple, everyday stuff with which your audience is familiar
  11. Speak slowly and clearly
  12. PAUSE (See an example of how NOT to speak here)
  13. ENJOY IT!

Jobs also made some less successful speeches that also provide learning opportunities for the rest of us.

His 2005 Stanford commencement address, while chock full of interesting stories and examples, fell short of his usual standard because of the wooden delivery which resulted from his reading the speech instead of simply telling the stories.

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