Bull’s Eye Business Presentations

This workshop is built around my simple, proven, memorable Bull’s Eye model. It will help you to get your message across on target – first time, every time!

The Bull’s Eye™ approach helps presenters and speakers:

  • engage audiences
  • communicate clearly
  • be concise
  • stay on track
  • present confidently

Using the model, presenters learn how to:

  • choose content that leaves audiences wanting more (instead of boring them to tears!)
  • create presentations in less time
  • deliver with impact

The workshop format is highly flexible, interactive and fun; it comprises:

  • Three half days: 08:30 – 12:30 (12 hours in total)
  • 75% practice / 25% theory (mostly role plays & practice combined with interactive discussion and feedback)

It’s suitable for:

  • 8 participants maximum (this ensures that each attendee gets lots of individual attention and feedback)
  • supervisory, management, executive and senior executive levels (and/or anybody who wants to be more successful in business and in life)


Although every workshop is tailor-made on the spot to meet the needs of each participant, a Bull’s Eye Business Presentations™ workshop generally covers the following main areas:

  • Three key elements of powerful speeches and presentations
  • Five “Five-Star qualities” that guarantee success
  • Overcoming fear & controlling nervousness
  • Choosing & organising content to maximise impact
  • Delivering effectively (body language, voice, eye contact, etc.)
  • Visual aids & props that work for you not against you
Susan Macaulay created and curates SheQuotesMy Alzheimer’s Story,  Amazing Women, and Succeed With Susan. She is a feminist, global citizen, lifelong learner and the author of Everyday Feminine Wisdom and soon-to-be-published “the dogs’ breakfast.”

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